LOADED.VENTURES is a business-building business dedicated exclusively to the gamechanging and
forward-thinking companies

There are no loaded questions.

We Are Not For Everyone

We believe in the people behind great ideas.
That’s why we are in the business-building business, not the “deal” or “capital” business. Together with our experienced partners have a track record of leveraging relationships to build teams, attract partners and customers and then–together–build successful businesses. We are active partners who do everything we can for our companies and have not forgotten how to hustle.

Your company is like a gun. Make sure it is always LOADED.
LOADED.VENTURES brings you - good advice - perfect partners - growth potential. Don’t join us. We will join you. We love to co-invest in businesses that change the game. We love to start-up start-ups and to help existing businesses grow. We prefer to be actively involved in the fields of healthy and functional food, catering industry and game changers in general.

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No Results Without Teamwork

We invest far more than money. Needless to say we don’t stop at finding funding. We are here to make the lives of our partners easier and to accelerate success, if needed with hands-on operational support. In addition to our investment team, a dedicated team of experts provides operational support is available to our partners.

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We accelerate companies and brands.
Here are the companies we joined so far at their journey to success.

We do not want to disturb you with a boring story. URB is a luxury non-alcoholic drink with an unique taste. Our story started at a rooftop bar in a big city. We were at the lookout for something new. Something fresh. Something that did not exist. A luxury drink for citizens of the world. With an exciting taste and a cool metropolitan look. We couldn’t find it. So we decided to create it. URB (slang for urban) is organic and every single taste is unique. Like our fans. And our bottle. It is our ambition to be the coolest luxury drink in the world. From Amsterdam to Shanghai. Everybody loves it so much, we only have one side effect. Never disturb people who are enjoying URB. It can be dangerous.

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